An Updated Login Coming to the WordPress Mobile Apps

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Over the past few months the Mobile team has been thinking a lot about the login experience in the WordPress apps and how we could make it better — we’re never satisfied, you know, so we’re always trying to improve things. After much thought, and even more work, we’re very happy to unveil a new login experience in the WordPress apps.

The WordPress apps are all free and available here.  

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Advertisements Business Now Supports Plugins and Third-Party Themes

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For many years, has been a simple way for people to create their own beautiful WordPress website in minutes.

But that simplicity came with a tradeoff — did not offer built-in support for the thousands of third-party plugins and themes that helped make WordPress the world’s largest and most open web publishing platform.

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4 Key Benefits of a Social Media Display, and the Questions to Ask Before Creating One

4 Key Benefits of a Social Media Display, and the Questions to Ask Before Creating One | Social Media Today

A bright, beckoning social media display in your lobby or department can be a big hit with visitors and colleagues.

We’ve all seen these displays – large screens showing a map with social media posts popping up from specific locations; shifting word clouds related to a brand or topic; real-time thoughts from consumers crisscross the large screens and trending hashtags materialize.

There’s no shinier object for social media managers than a social media command center or display, and there are several benefits of having one of these glowing walls in your office:

1. It shows your organization takes social media seriously

Building out a social media command center or display is expensive. Only organizations with a certain level of social media maturity would make such an investment.

2. In your face, real-time data

Most data you’ll find on a large display can be just as easily accessed from a laptop or mobile device, but when that data is on a 6-foot screen that you walk by 15 times each day it’s much easier to spot trending topics that should be of concern.

3. Promote the importance of social media to executives

Your organization’s leadership will also see the display several times daily and begin to understand how social media data can be useful.

4. Aesthetics

Regardless of the usefulness of the data being shown, a social media monitoring display adds a ‘cool’ factor to any office or lobby and makes an impression on employees and visitors.

4 Key Benefits of a Social Media Display, and the Questions to Ask Before Creating One | Social Media TodayThere are plenty of options at varying price points for social media displays – from wall to ceiling touch screens to a single screen on a rolling stand, there’s something to fit every budget.

But before you engage a contractor to build out a monitoring wall and start calling vendors for software, there are a few fundamental questions you should answer to help define the scale and objectives of the project:

1. Why do we need a social media display?

This question should define your objective – are you doing it purely to make your office more welcoming to visitors, or will the data displayed be used to make critical decisions?

2. Who will see the display?

This will determine what kind of content is displayed. If it sits in a lobby your customers frequent, you probably don’t want an unfiltered flow of comments about your brand – some of which could be negative.

But if your display will be used to show real-time customer issues internally, you want a true, uncensored look at what’s being said about you online

3. Where will the social media display go based on the above two questions?

Determine how much space you have, and whether you think the display will live there permanently.

Scale the project to fit your budget and objectives. The information you want to display will also determine how many screens you need and how large those screens should be.

4. If you hire an external vendor, shop around

There are many vendors who will build out a social media command center or display, as well as vendors who specialize on software to crawl data for your screens. Talk to several of them, be sure they understand the objectives of your social media display and don’t try to sell you a one-size-fits all solution. You may have in-house resources to source your screens and hardware. If this is the case, you’ll still likely need to buy the software solution for your screens.

When your display is complete, make a big deal about it. Let your employees, vendors and customers know about the new feature. Host an event in front of the display to educate your stakeholders on what it does, why it’s important and how your organization will benefit from it.

By educating your internal organization and leadership, you’ll raise the profile of social media in your organization.


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A Brand New Editor for the WordPress Mobile Apps

For those of you who write via your phone, is this mobile app better than the previous one? Weigh in with your thoughts!

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Now that so many of us carry around tiny pocket-size computers, more and more of our internet time happens on phones and tablets — not just browsing, but creating. You’ve been asking for a better publishing experience in the WordPress app to make mobile publishing smoother. Today we’re introducing a new editor for iOS and Android, codenamed “Aztec.” It’s speedy and reliable, works with posts and pages, and is ready for beta testing!

What’s New?

At first glance, the Aztec editor might look like the old editor — which means you already know how to use it, with no learning curve.

What’s different, exactly? A lot:

  • The overall user experience is smoother and snappier, with improved scrolling and faster image insertion.
  • Spellcheck now works reliably.
  • The addition of Undo and Redo tools means you can easily fix mistakes or move between different versions of your text when writing (and re-writing!).

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At Automattic, we’re proud of our commitment to fighting for the digital rights of our users and of our work to keep the internet free and open. Today we’re honored to receive another perfect score from the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) in its annual Who Has Your Back? report.

The EFF is a well-known nonprofit organization committed to defending digital privacy, free speech, and innovation, and their report evaluates internet companies on how well they safeguard user information when governments come knocking.

This continues our streak of perfect scores. We received 5/5 stars in the last Who Has Your Back? report that we were included in (2015), and 5/5 stars in the EFF’s most recent Who Has Your Back?: When Copyright and Trademark Bullies Threaten Free Speech report (2014).

In this year’s report, the EFF awarded stars to for:

  • Following industry-wide best practices.
  • Promising…

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The Best of Summer Edition

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Hi everyone! Here’s a snapshot of some of the excellent community advice, insights, and updates that we enjoyed over the past month.

What’s new

Introducing Your New Social Icons Widget

The Social Icons Widget allows you to connect your site to your favorite social media networks. You can activate it by going to My Site → CustomizeWidgets. Check out the full guide to using the new widget or just watch the video above to learn more.

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Connect to Your Fans and Followers with the New Social Icons Widget

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We’re excited to introduce the new Social Icons Widget, which allows you to connect with visitors on your favorite social media networks.

The new widget supports over 40 popular social platforms, from the ubiquitous Facebook and Twitter, to crafter haven Etsy, to artsy enclaves like DeviantArt and Dribbble. Highlight music or podcasts through SoundCloud or iTunes, or connect with your community via Meetup or Yelp. Business owners will also appreciate being able to hook up their company’s LinkedIn page.

The new widget offers more flexibility, letting you choose from among three icon sizes: small, medium, and large. Pick the one that looks best on your site! You can even drag-and-drop the links in your Customizer to reorder your social icons.

Drag and drop social icons

Activate it now by going to My Site → Customize → Widgets. For self-hosted WordPress users, this new widget will be available in Jetpack soon.

If you’ve been using…

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