WordPress – Likes vs Views

Did you know there was a difference between views and likes with WordPress blogs? In the social media world of today, people have put an emphasis on “likes”. They sit and watch to see how many people will like their status on Facebook, or their update on LinkedIn. And while this may show you who’s following you, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve engaged your audience. Unless, of course, they actually leave you a comment.


Let’s take a look at the WordPress Like:

Does it mean anything? Yes. And No. There are many ways to “like” a blog post on WordPress. The one that really means nothing comes from the Reader. All the blogs you follow show up in a stream and allow you to glimpse the article without completely clicking through. If the reader clicks the like without actually clicking through to your article, the view doesn’t count. You can have 50+ likes, but how many of them have you actually made click through to your blog? It’s true that the more likes you have, the more likely it is that another reader will stop and check it out. And maybe even like your post. But this does nothing for your stats. And that’s where the views come in.

WordPress explains it as: Readers may like your post without visiting your site, for example on the Reader. Since they didn’t actually visit your site, liking a post in this way does not count as a visit.

WordPress View:

Your stats will record a “view” when someone clicks through to your website to read an article. This is the interaction you want. If they are only viewing your website and not clicking through, then no view is recorded. Very similar to the like. You have to make them want to click the link to the story you’ve just published. It’s fairly easy if you’re blogging on a regular basis. There should be a call to action that makes them want to read further and comment. Ask a question or for their opinion. Make them want to reply. WordPress describes the “view” as “counted when a visitor loads or reloads a page. Typically a view is reported within five minutes.”

What it comes down to is you have to find a way to get and hold the attention of your readers, then make them comment by answering a question you’ve posed to them or asking them to offer an opinion on the subject you’ve written about. While it’s nice to see all those likes, views are what you should be concentrating on.

Share your ideas with us and others as to how you’d go about interacting with your subscribers.

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Facebook Changes Its Newsfeed…Again

For the umpteenth time, Facebook has changed the look of its newsfeed. The pictures are still as large, however, the font is larger, the links are larger and they pushed it all into the center of the screen, leaving a lot white space on the outer margins. The background is gray while the posts are in white blocks. Some people have said the gray background is depressing; still others have spoken out about how much they dislike the overall appearance.

In a story published on SiliconBeat, the writer mentions that this is the original feed we used to see, merely a year ago, but honestly, after being on Facebook for five years, I don’t recall ever seeing the newsfeed this way. Maybe the numerous changes have erased the memory of it!!


Tell us what you think of the change. Pros? Cons? Do you think Facebook should continue to make changes without feedback from its actual users?

Social Media in 2014 – Are you ready?

Social media marketing is looking to make a huge turn in 2014. Are you ready for it? Signs show that Facebook and Twitter will decline as sites like Google+, Pinterest and especially LinkedIn move in for the kill. According to Mashable, LinkedIn will become the most important publisher, siting it as “a premium destination for industry news.”  Something you will need to grab on to and soon.

Facebook’s constant revamp of its algorithms has made it increasingly difficult for businesses to get their products out there. But there is also the oversell that thwarts businesses. Buyers don’t want to be deluged with product; they want to be entertained by you. In that I mean you need to add content that will call them to your Facebook page, and make them want to return. Visuals will always get more attention than plain text. Again, Facebook creates an issue where this is done. Don’t repeat the same information over and over. You become boring. Make it “stand out” by adding new text and new images. The last thing you want to happen is for someone to just pass you by.

It’s important that you don’t rely solely on social media outlets to get your name out there. Incorporate all the possibilities, and then narrow it down to the ones that work best for you. You may find it can be as simple as just one of the options available to you, or you may need to venture into other areas to support your ideal social media experience. Blogging also helps others discover who you are and what your business really is.

Social media management can be overwhelming. Your main concern should be focused on your business itself. Consider hiring someone to manage your online presence. Give us a call. We’d be happy to talk it over with you and find the best solution for all your social media concerns


Thanks For Noticing Me is a social media marketing company.  Contact Alyssa today at alyssa@thanksfornoticingme.com or 862-226-9186

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